Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Does Anybody Else Find This Bitch Annoying?

WTF!, i have never heard a scream so fucking horriffic, she sounds like a fucking seagull getting beat with a century old bagpipe.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Alkaline Trio: Agony And Irony...

The Alkaline Trio. A Band That Means Alot to me cause ive liked them since i was young one. there newest album is entitled "Agony And Irony" and i belive, sadly it isnt there greatest work. When i first head the alkaline trio i was around the age of 11 i heard them at a friends house and i was curious about them. I had Listend to them since then and ive been addicted to them so much i got there logo tattoo'd on my right wrist. Some people might see this as a very dumb thing to do because as someone once told me "that bands not gonna be around forever and there gonna change and your not gonna like them anymore" and its mostly true, i dont expect them to be around forever and they are gonna make some crappy music, but thats what being a fan of a band is about, if everyband had fans just abandon them when they made bad music every band would lose a lot of fans. But to call yourself a fan and abandon them just because they make a bad album is absurd, a true fan will stick to the band rain, shine, hurricane and hell fire and brimstone.

When i first heard the alkaline trio they where punk rock fused with emotion. they combined the pain's of life and loss with drinking and smoking, creating a type of music i had never heard at that tender age, so naturally it sparked something inside of me that made me adapt to there style, though i never really went out as a kid to be like "OMG TEH ALKALINE TRIO RUUULES!" i kept it inside of me, if you look at me does it really look like i listen to half of the music i listen too?


Does that look like the face of someone who listens to everything from classical to punk rock?"

I Do Have My Opinion about the album, its not there greatest work, but its not bad enough to abandon the band. Some people i know go so far as to say the alkaline trio went into a popish style genre, but i disagree, if they went into pop they would sound like fall out boy or the jonas brothers, while in reality, this album sounds just like there album "Crimson" just more melodic, is it wrong for a band to try something different? the band thrice did a 4 concept albums titled "The Alchemy Index: Volumes I-IV: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water", and people had the same reaction that it sounded nothing like the original thrice, but in losing fans they gained a stronger fan base by going outside of there usual post hardcore Music.

In Conclusion The Alkaline trio did nothing but try to make there music evolve and to me it was a good album but not the greatest album, im neither down talking or giving the album a thumbs up, im just merely stating that it's a transitional album and it will make them gain and lose fans. How You want to rate the album is all up to you, the listener.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Andrea Yates Case..

In a dramatic turnaround from her first murder trial, Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity Wednesday in the drowning of her children in the bathtub.

The 42-year-old woman will be committed to a state mental hospital and held until she is no longer deemed a threat. If she had been convicted of murder, she would have been sentenced to life in prison.

Yates stared wide-eyed as the verdict was read. She then bowed her head and wept quietly. Her relatives also shed tears, and the childrens father, Rusty Yates, muttered, Wow! as he, too, cried.

Four years ago, another jury convicted Yates of murder, rejecting claims that she was so psychotic she thought she was saving her childrens souls by killing them. An appeals court overturned the convictions because of erroneous testimony from a prosecution witness.

Yates chief attorney, George Parnham, called the verdict this time a watershed event in the treatment of mental illness.

Yates 2002 conviction triggered debate over whether Texas legal standard for mental illness was too rigid, whether the courts treated postpartum depression seriously enough, and whether a mother who kills could ever find sympathy and understanding in a tough-on-crime state like Texas

--------------------A Brief History Of Andrea--------------------------

Andrea Pia Yates (born July 2, 1964) of Houston, Texas,
Some believe or believed that her husband, an employee of the Johnson Space Center, was responsible for creating the conditions that culminated in the drownings. Andrea's psychiatrist, Dr. Eileen Starbranch, testified that she urged the couple not to have more children, to prevent future psychotic depression, but the procreative plan taught by the Yates' spiritual mentor, Michael Peter Woroniecki, a doctrine to which Rusty Yates subscribed, insisted she should continue to have "as many children as nature allows"

Yates told her jail psychiatrist, "It was the seventh deadly sin. My children weren't righteous. They stumbled because I was evil. The way I was raising them they could never be saved. They were doomed to perish in the fires of hell."(This is consistent with Woroniecki's teachings, which are best characterized as "hellfire preaching."

On January 9, 2006, Yates again entered pleas of not guilty by reason of insanity. On February 1, 2006, she was granted release on bail on the condition that she be admitted to a mental health treatment facility. The trial was re-set due to scheduling conflicts.

Her ex-husband remarried on March 18, 2006, two days before her first scheduled re-trial.

On July 26, 2006, after three days of deliberations, Yates was found not guilty by reason of insanity, as defined by the state of Texas. She will be committed to a state mental hospital.


Our Legal System Is So Corrupt That Someone Can Get Away With Murdering 5 Children On An Insantiy Plea. Honestly This Country Needs To Rethink Its Laws And Punshiments, I Can Go Kill The President And Call It Murder Out Of INsanity And Get Aquitted(maybe Ill Be Doing Our Nation A Favor)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Call Me A Monster If You Must....

But I Like Veal , I don't care if its a adolescent animal, its not going to change my personal preference. I personally like to eat meat because it tastes fucking delicious, i don't care how the animal died or if it suffered or what i went through to get into my stomach/onto my plate. Man was created with incisor's to tear into meat if we weren't made to eat meat then we would have teeth like a fucking brontosaurus. in saying that, i respect vegetarians, but the idea of making everyone in the world not eat meat and go to vegetarianism is just out of sight, and just because your a vegan or vegetarian doesn't mean your doing the right thing, or revolutionary. I don't criticize vegans/Vegetarians for eating there cuisine, but please don't go to me when I'm eating meat and preach some shit about animals suffering and try to convert me, cause its not gonna work, i personally love how that shit taste's but i also like broccoli and spinach and other shit, and some vegan cuisine is good, but that doesn't mean imma go out and talk shit about meat eaters.

This Is Currently What i ate today

Breakfast: Eggs And Toast



Its All Good To Me Beef And Lettuce Are Good Especially together.
Just Don't Open Your Mouth About My Food, Cause You'll Only Get An Earfull.